Client who would NOT be a candidate for FemiLift Warnings and Cautions

• Medications which cause photosensitivity

• Chronic corticoid therapies

• Anticoagulant therapy

• Active vaginal discharge, bleeding or infection

• Active HPV infection or herpes viral infection

• Diagnosed collagen disease

• Pregnancy and breast feeding

• Gynecological oncology pathologies

• Transvaginal mesh/sling

• Pelvic organ prolapse staged > or equal to Stage II, according to ICS

• Uncontrolled Diabetes

• Patients unable to follow post treatment instructions

• Patients must have realistic expectations

Pre Instructions for FemiLift

• Pelvic Exam and Pap Smear is to be done within the past 6 months

• No Pregnant or Breastfeeding

• If client has a history of HSV prior prophylactic antiviral medication should be taken 24hours prior

Post Instructions for FemiLift

• No Tampons for 3 Days

• No Sexual Intercourse for 3 days

• Notify the clinic should you have         

                                                                                                                                                    bleeding, fever or other unusual side effects