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PicoWay Laser 

The laser beam in PicoWay Resolve is formed from the same beam used in PicoWay, but it is split into over 100 identical beams, or beamlets. These beamlets reach below the skin in areas that are evenly spaced apart. Because the laser is so fast and powerful, it leads to tiny areas under the skin vaporizing using a non-thermal (not heating) effect, called a “photoacoustic” effect. Tiny open spaces are created under the skin that are then replaced over time with new collagen and elastin growth. PicoWay literally works from the inside out. The treatment does not cause the outer layer of the skin to break, so patients experience no to low downtime after treatment. PicoWay Resolve is an effective treatment for acne scars and wrinkles, both conditions that are related to lack of collagen in the skin. Patients in clinical studies showed high rates of satisfaction with treatment.

How Many PicoWay treatments?

For some conditions, results with PicoWay are visible after the first treatment. With others, a series of brief 20-30 minute treatments may be needed. Pigmentation

Skin discoloration is common, yet treatable. Dark spots, or benign pigmented lesions, such as freckles, liver spots (age spots), and café-au-lait (brown patches), appear in many people on different areas of the skin. Some spots are related to excessive sun exposure. Others, like melasma, can be caused by hormone changes, often impacting women following pregnancy. Many of these skin discolorations can be distressing and affect quality of life.

PicoWay is a high power, ultra-short pulse laser that reaches below the skin’s surface to break unwanted dark spots into tiny particles. PicoWay is highly effective in skin pigment removal. Many patients see visible improvement following the first treatment.

Post Instructions for PicoWay Treatment

If you have any questions, please contact the office.


What does PicoWay (resolve) Laser Treatments do for skin rejuvenation? The picosecond laser with high peak power and the shortest pulse durations for a photoacoustic effect that transforms skin.

PicoWay Resolve work from the inside out!

  • PicoWay Resolve uses sub-surface ablation, leaving the stratum corneum intact
  • Picosecond treatment leads to new collagen and elastin formation, reducing acne scars and wrinkles
  • Patients enjoy high satisfaction with less downtime

We recommend all clients stop all Tazoracs, Retinols and Acne medication 3-5 days before the procedure, and may resume 72 hours afterwards. Taking 25 mg Benadryl the night before the procedure and after the treatment. Hydrocortisone Cream (NOT OINTMENT) might be needed the day after treatment using sparingly if needed for redness.It is found at the drug store.

  1. Avoid makeup 4 hours following treatments use mineral make up if needed sooner. NO PRODUCTS WITH PETROLEUM
  1. Avoid the sun 4 weeks before and after the treatment. This will reduce the chance of hyper-pigmentation (darker pigmentation)
  2. Use sun BLOCK (SPF 30+) with titanium and zinc at all times after 4 hours and daily afterwards. DO NOT APPLY RIGHT AFTER THE TREATMENT AFTER 4 HOURS
  3. There are no restrictions on bathing except to treat the area gently, as with any other wound. Hexam cleanser from Vivier is a good option.
  4. Please stop any self-tanning skin care products 1-2 weeks prior to treatment. Any residual self-tanner must be removed prior to treatment.
  5. Cold sores can development with trauma from the treatment. If you feel a cold sore outbreak developing please contact the clinic ASAP.

If you are having an aggressive treatment we can provide numbing cream 1 hour prior to treatment. Zimmer technology is also available if needed.

After Treatment your skin will have Erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) at the treatment site and can last up to 2 hours or longer. You might also experience pinpoint bleeding if your treatment was a bit more aggressive. You will notice most of the swelling on the first morning after the treatment particularly under the eyes. If you find the swelling is bad prior to going to bed please sleep with pillows behind your back to elevate your head. You may use products that do not have petroleum to avoid clogging the treatment spots.

If you are worried or have any questions please call us at 807-768-7820